Parenting is like going on the trip of a lifetime without a map.


It's rewarding but also confusing and exhausting and we're all hoping to get somewhere beautiful in the end...

So when our teens begin pulling away or behaving disrespectfully, we can't help but wonder if it's just "typical" teenage behavior or if there's an actual problem.

So how do you address a situation before it becomes an issue?

  1. How do you approach them so they'll open up?

  2. How do you talk to them so they'll actually listen?

  3. What do you say to build trust?

  4. Do you know how they're interpreting your message?

  5. Who do you consult and lean on for support?

Breathe! You don't have to figure it out alone.


I'm Monica Boeru!

Certified life coach, parent coach, and teen behavior expert.

My mission is to bridge the communication gap between parents and teens. 

Because when we all learn how to communicate effectively, we feel more loved, connected, and understood. 

Whether you prefer to learn through private coaching, online courses, free resources (blog posts and podcast interviews) or joining a support group, everything you'll find at The Parent-Teen Whisperer has been created with you in mind. 

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